Foop in the Shower

In this video you’re going to learn about how to Juggle Foop in the Shower.

Important information:

  • this Juggle is a 180 degree rotation followed by a 360 degree rotation
  • hand starts at Spidey Grip by your side
  • the initiation is like a flip up, swinging in front of your leg
  • release point puts your cymbal at reverse Gumption Position
  • let your hand motivate the cymbal around the knot/bell to get the cymbal to rotate the last 360 degrees
  • catch with the thumb on top on the pad side of the cymbal

Pro tip:

  • Keep your hand close to the bell and not the edge to have more control over the cymbal
  • for even more control use as much surface area of your hand as possible to motivate the cymbal rather than just your fingertips