The Basics

Gumption Crash Choke Exercise

In this video you’re going to learn a Gumption Crash Choke Breakdown Exercise.

Important information:

  • This exercise is in 4/4
  • You will take 3 counts to move to each position, then 2 counts, then fast chokes on 1 every 4 counts. You’ll finish with 2 standard crash chokes.
  • The crash motion always happens in 1 count, fast.
  • You need velocity for the crash to make sure the flam sounds smooth before choking it off

Important information:

  • The prep, angles, contact, etc are all the same for a choke as they are a crash
  • Choke position should be symmetrical
  • Use as much surface area of your body to cut off the sound
  • Make sure you can hear a difference between a choke that takes 3 counts verse 2 and 1.
  • When you push back out to set after the choke, make sure it’s strong, fast, and has some oomph