The Basics

Flip Exercise 2

In this video you’re going to learn Flip Exercise 2. This flip exercise flip sequence is Set, Gumption, Vertical, down to Gumption, down to Set.

Important information:

  • This exercise is in 4/4
  • You will take 3 counts to flip to each position (out of 4) then 2 counts, then flip on 1 every 4 counts, and 1 every 2 counts.
  • The goal is to get comfortable with your pathways over several counts and then take away counts to speed up the flips
  • This exercise focuses on the Sones, Jones, and Bones flips

Bonus information:

  • You can isolate each speed of the flip to work on pathway. For example, loop just the flips every 3 counts until you feel comfortable going from one position to the next