Seavine WGI 2020 Experience: Virtual Edition
WGI Championships is our favorite time of year. We love that there are so many talented cymbal players, educators, and fans in one place. Our ultimate goal is to make those performers feel like absolute rock stars. We roll out the red carpet. We ask for your autograph. We turn on the cameras to capture your special moment in time forever. We have souvenirs to take home and some of your fondest memories to go with it. WGI Championships fuels us for the entire year.
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Seavine Spotlight - Blue Devils 2019
This summer we caught up with Blue Devils’ veteran hornline members Shelby Paugher, Alan Hester, and Malik Neille. Learn more about what it’s like to a Blue Devil in this episode of Seavine Spotlight!
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DCI 2019 Statistics
One drum corps chose to bring back their cymbal line this summer. That corps is Jersey Surf. In 2018 they were in 30th place. In 2019 Surf landed in 24th place making semi finals for the first time since 2014. 
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