The Blue Devils join Team Seavine with The Hornline Gloves!

We are ecstatic to announce that The Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps are spearheading DCI with The Hornline Gloves by Seavine this summer! Discussions for this partnership have been a year in the making. To see the corps perform on the field with our products is immensely humbling.

"Seavine Hornline Gloves and this exciting relationship are a wonderful addition to the BDPA family. The gloves look great, feel great, and can hold up to the intense daily demands of a top drum corps. And our designers love the freedom and ability to customize colors and prints to fully realize the corps' look with any given program.” says Justin Heimbecker, CEO of BDPA.

With their 2017 production, Metamorph, The Blue Devils show the transformation of the marching activity through music, design, and costuming and where it’s going. Our helio colored Hornline Gloves are a hip addition to their diverse 2017 uniform.

For more information on The Hornline Gloves head to: or send an email to To follow BD on their summer tour give them a follow on social media or check out their website!