Seavine sits down with the Marching Roundtable!

A few weeks ago Seavine founder, Chelsea Levine, had the opportunity to sit down with Tim Hinton from the Marching Roundtable. By his side was Matt Verburg from Lot Riot and Paul Weber, percussion specialist for the episode all about cymbals.

"It was great to reminsice about the early makings of Seavine and The Κψµβοσ Scholarship," says Chelsea.  Throughout the episode you can hear about how we got our start and the exciting journey we've taken to get us to where we are today.  In addition to this discussion, you'll also get a better understanding of the ever successful state of marching cymbals and their positive growth over the past few years.

In conclusion to the episode Paul stated, "I admire your creativity and initiative to create this product [The Cymbal Gloves] and really respect the fact that you put it towards the [Κψµβοσ] Scholarship and what that's really doing for the cymbal community." To hear the episode in it's entirety you can download the episode from iTunes or click on the link here directly from the Marching Roundtable website!

Thank you again to Tim for having on his show and we look forward to more chats in the future!