Seavine on The Grid Book Radio Show!

We are humbled to have sat down with our good friends at The Grid Book Series for the 5th episode of Grid Book Radio!  These drum dudes have been genuinely interested in Seavine and the cymbal community since day one and have taken real steps to help us spread the love and knowledge.  In this episode, Seavine owner Chelsea Levine chats about percussion education, cymbal culture, and the reveal of our newest product line, The Hornline Gloves!! (Stay tuned for website updates in the coming weeks with product photos and purchasing information.)

We want to thank Mark and John from The Grid Book Series for their passion in music education and their general cool approach to everything they do.  If you aren't familiar with The Grid Book you have to go check it out now! Seriously, GO! They not only have arguably the most useful literature on the market for modern drumming but also create some of the best media content and social presence that's out there.

Now sit back, listen to the great tunes, and enjoy this one of a kind chat about cymbals!

(Grid Book Radio is no longer available)