Seavine Cymbal Clinic with IPA & The X Academy a Success!

On December 19th at Franklin Central High School, Seavine joined forces with the Indiana Percussion Association and The X Academy. With an attendance of over 40 cymbal players, we are declaring this event a huge success! The cymbal clinic was the brain child of IPA President, Jason Hammond-Wood. With initial conversations dating back to this past June, he wanted a way to give the cymbal players of the Indiana area an opportunity to learn and also have the spotlight for a day.

Seavine CEO giving a cymbal clinic for Indiana Percussion Association

Once Jason's idea started to take shape we reached out to Mike Scott, CEO of Rhythm X, Inc and founder of The X Academy. "We are working very hard at Rhythm X, Inc. to expand The X Academy and bring educational events like this one to as many students as we can. It was a pleasure to work with Seavine and IPA on this project and I'm very proud of the results," Mr. Scott said. We can't thank him and Rhythm X enough for hosting this clinic and helping us get the word out. For $30, each participant received a pair of Seavine Cymbal Gloves, a t-shirt from The X Academy, and 2.5 hours of instruction. The clinic was facilitated by Rhythm X cymbal technician and the owner of Seavine, Chelsea Levine. By her side was the Rhythm X Plateline who was there to not only help teach, but also demonstrate what the performers were aiming to achieve. "Being surrounded by so many aspiring cymbal players was very rewarding for myself and the Rhythm X Plateline," says Alexander Huizen, section leader of RXP. "It is fulfilling to know that we have made an impact on their cymbal careers."

If you or anyone you know is interested in a cymbal clinic or cymbal education please send an email to!

RXP 2016 at the IPA cymbal clinic
Rhythm X cymbal player Alex "Scoot" Huizen
Stretching before playing cymbals
Attendee at the Seavine and X Academy cymbal clinic
Rhythm X player Seaon Carter Jr.
Rhythm X CEO Mike Scott
Group picture of clinic attendees, Rhythm X Plateline 2016, and clinician Chelsea Levine