PASIC Clinic a Huge Success!

On Friday November 10th in Indianapolis, Seavine made history at PASIC presenting the first known marching cymbal clinic! With the help of the Rhythm X Plateline and Drumset Player Zachary Hudson, Chelsea Levine gave insight on how to best implement and teach a marching cymbal line. In the session they went over topics such as parallels of cymbal basics to other battery instruments, cymbal technique, and how to incorporate music and visuals into a production. "This was a very unique opportunity to publicly express some overlooked functions for cymbal lines, and how they can positively influence the show as a whole," Christopher Carlin of the Rhythm X Plateline said.

The 2017 Rhythm X Plateline with clinician Chelsea Levine at PASIC 2017

"Being included in a PASIC clinic was an exciting view into the educational side of the percussive arts," second year Rhythm X cymbal player Adrian Amegashi said. "This year was the first PASIC and I hope to be able to take part in future cymbal education clinics to spread the obscure art."

We also took this opportunity to hold our first live stream via Facebook. The clinic entitled, Designing and Marching for Modern Marching Cymbals was viewed far and wide with views counts approaching 4,000! If you'd like to watch or rematch the clinic yourself head here or go to our Facebook page.

We caught up with Alex Huizen, three year member and ageout of RXP after the clinic. "Being a part of the Seavine marching cymbal clinic was a very rewarding experience. Providing visual aid to educators hoping to further develop their programs cymbal line made me feel hopeful for young cymbal players. I spoke with young aspiring marchers after the clinic about cymbals and my journey as a cymbal player; encouraging them to never give up on their dreams."

"I'm extremely humbled by the turn out and feedback from the PASIC clinic," Chelsea said. "I look forward to future opportunities to help spread cymbal education to anyone who is interested."

If you or anyone you know is interested in hosting a clinic or learning more about cymbals send an email to and we'll help anyway we can!

Once again thank you to PASIC, SABIAN, Rhythm X, and Lot Riot for all their help with the clinic!

Rhythm X cymbal tech and Seavine CEO Chelsea Levine giving a cymbal clinic
The Rhythm X 2017 Plateline (RXP) in action
Cymbal players Adrian Amegashie and Jimmy Caupp
Cymal player Christopher Carlin aka "Georgie"
WGI Judge Omar Carmenates and Seavine CEO Chelsea Levine during meet and greet
RXP 2017 with a fan at the Seavine Clinic meet and greet