DCI Finals Here We Come!

We are pumped to announce we are joining the ranks as a sponsor of Drum Corps International Finals this year! In our new role we will be inside Lucas Oil sharing the Seavine love at our booth and in Military Park getting all the lot footage!

With it being such a celebratory milestone to present at DCI Championships we thought we should introduce some new merch to be released at the event. New to our line up is our “Marching Things Tee”. You can wear it around Lucas Oil or in the Upside Down. You’ll also want to pick up one of our fanny packs that will come in black, blue, lime green, and red for your band rehearsals this fall. We’ll have a few more items to add to our exhibit over the coming days and of course some of the classics available so stay tuned.

We are extremely excited to see everyone at one of the best marching music events of the year. Make sure you come introduce yourself, try out The Hornline Gloves, eat our snacks (what?), play our cymbals and brass instruments, and pick up some swag! Big thanks to all of our supporters and fans who have helped us along our journey.