DCI 2019 Statistics

One drum corps chose to bring back their cymbal line this summer. That corps is Jersey Surf. In 2018 they were in 30th place. In 2019 Surf landed in 24th place making semi finals for the first time since 2014. 

One drum corps decided to add the number of cymbal spots they offered to 6 positions this season. That corps is Pacific Crest. In 2018 they were in 20th place. In 2019 PC finished the season in 14th place. 

Three drum corps in world class got rid of their cymbal lines and still fielded a corps this summer. Those drum corps are Mandarins, Crossmen, and Madison Scouts. Mandarins had the same placement (10th), Crossmen went up one placement from 2018-2019 and the Scouts went down one placement. 

For the fourth year in a row the world class drumline that won the high percussion caption had a cymbal line. That group is Santa Clara Vanguard. 

Do I think these placement jumps or lack thereof are correlated to having or not having a cymbal line? Not at all. Do we not prove year after year when a new champion is crowned that infinite formulas for success exist? Let’s be inclusive fam. Someone bring back their cymbal line- it will only bring your drum corps good press, more talent through the door, tap into an ecstatic alumni base that has felt disconnected from its corps, and a drum corps community that will celebrate you.